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This image is going to appear here a lot in the runup to the midterms.

Are you of voting age? Go get registered. Are you registered already? CHECK it online – because states with Republican majorities have being seeing a big upsurge in other-party-registered voters being quietly deregistered so that they’re voiceless when they turn up at the polls. And keep checking. The people doing this crap are sneaky.

This is not a year for taking anything for granted: not a year for believing the polls: not a year for letting other people worry about it: not a year for allowing the seemingly unending flow of crap to wear you down. This year we all get to suit up and stop being what Tom Paine called “summer soldiers”, “sunshine patriots”, the ones who exercise the franchise when it’s easy, when nothing vital is on the line. Time to stand up and exercise the local small-scale form of heroism, capes or not (I’m a no-cape type myself: E has a point).

Get registered and avoid the October rush. Help friends get registered too. It’s too easy to think “One more vote won’t make a difference”. And it’s not true.

Get it sorted now. Don’t wait. Please.

(ETA: “Mall-scale”? Argh. 🙂 Sorry, folks. Corrected.)

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