you know what i don’t see enough of? circus kid dick grayson critiquing the joker because he’s a bad clown. not like, bad, and also a clown. but bad at being a clown. i want to see dick grayson taking the existence of this horrible clown very personally as a matter of professional pride. he has known clowns, and you, sir, are no clown. the joker is an insult to the legacy of emmett kelly and this shall not stand.

@poodlemonkeyishere replied:

Does the Joker have an egg in the official clown headquarters?

the clown egg registry

i forgot about the clown egg registry

do you think they refuse because he’s not a real clown

like someone inquires about the joker and so they put out a press release to state that not only is he not registered with clowns international, they will not be accepting applications from the fucking joker, because he’s not even a clown and he doesn’t even wear makeup, you don’t get to register your regular-ass non-clown face

batman has to theoretically protect the fucking clown egg registry from the joker throwing a tantrum, but quite frankly he doesn’t have to do much because it’s the joker versus an army of real actual clowns defending the history of their noble profession

To think that I bought a copy of The Killing Joke when I could’ve held out for the *finest* Joker storyline. 

I hadn’t realized that Pratchett was referencing a real thing in… was it Men at Arms?

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