One thing I find interesting about the whole “Buttonbeard” conversation and saying Fjord talks down to Nott is that people are forgetting that this is exactly how Vox Machina used to convince Grog to do things and Travis is using the same method they used on him

The main difference being that Nott has a higher intelligence stat than Fjord. Which would be why she called him out on it.

Nature, Sunshine, Freedom, Yourself

Nature, Sunshine, Freedom, Yourself

falling apart but it’s perfectly perfect

falling apart but it’s perfectly perfect


We Rated 5 Men Who Are Definitely Not Spock Wearing Hats

5. Now, this is the lowest on our list because this is really not a hat. But given that our average human man on the right wears this hood so well, there was no way we could leave him off this list. Hats off to you, fellow human. You are a normal human being in every way, except for the excellence with which you wear your hood.

4. This cap is not my style, but the beauty of fashion is being able to enjoy it on other people. I couldn’t tell you who the handsome gent on the left is but boy, do I wish I knew. I’d have a thing or two to say to him.

3. Fedoras have earned a bad reputation recently, but “Spocko” here might singlehandedly change our minds. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Spock—but this fedora is so charming that we might just forgive him.

2. Watch and learn. If you have unique ears to disguise, this is the perfect look for you. Worried about being found out as an alien? Don’t. This casual look will keep your identity safe. Of course, this individual has nothing to worry about. If he did have strange ears, they would be the result of an unfortunate accident he had as a child. But he doesn’t. This is not Spock.

1. Okay, fine. You caught me. All of these photos have been Spock in a hat. Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted? You’ve blown his cover, and for what? Oh look at you, you can recognise Spock. Yeah, whatever. You’re not special. But you know who is? Spock wearing this beanie.

Get out of here.

I need a bonus picture of definitely-not-Spock wearing a strip of bathrobe around his head.




I finally got around to giving Breath of the Wild a serious go today. I’d just gotten my pants enhanced by a fairy, so I was feeling pretty confident about my defensive prowess – and then a goblin one-shotted me with a garden rake.

Clearly I’ve got a long way to go.

“Modest”, you say?

Let me paint a picture for you:

I’m riding across a barren heath in the dead of night and the driving rain, illumined only by distant flashes of lightning.

As I crest the next hill, a hulking masked man stands, motionless, in the road before me.

I draw my horse to a stop.

Unspeaking, he draws his sword.

I dismount.

He raises his weapon in a gesture that’s both a salute to a fellow warrior and a promise of swift death.

He is immediately struck by lightning and killed instantly.

I pick up his sword and continue on my way.

Once I got my rubber armour set enhanced twice so I got the unshockable perk, riding around in thunderstorms with a metal weapon equipped and getting my enemies struck by lightning was one of my favourite things to do.

I decided to make a post about Ravelry


I’ve recommended it to many people over the years, mostly elders who hadn’t considered the internet being that useful, and usually they’re like, “aw? A website? No thanks, it’s not necessary”. Which is fine even if internally I was like “plsssss no it’s so good”. 

A lot of gen-z are getting into fiber crafting and that is exciting.

So, here’s a little intro

This is the homepage, after making an account 

Up on the top right is your notebook, which you’ll probably visit the most because it contains all of the tools for organizing your projects.

That’s your notebook, on the left bar are your various tools. Projects are lined up neatly on the rest of the screen. There’s a Handspun tab for spinners, Stash is where you organize your yarns, uQeue is where you list upcoming projects, Favorites is where you can save and organize your favorite projects/patterns, Needles & Hooks gives you a chart that you can fill in with what you already own, Library is a digital library of patterns and even representations of the physical books that you own.

Each of these can be customized, for example in favorites in there is a place to bundle them, so that if you wanted to say make a bundle of everything you want to knit as Christmas presents throughout the year, you can do that. In Queue you can link the called for yarn and the yarn you are going to use, linked from stash or otherwise, you can make notes on each entry. I will often note whether I need needles and what kind, so that if I drop by the store, the info I need is just a couple of clicks away. There is even a place in the stash to note where you got your yarn and how much it cost.    

I’m not going much more deeper into that, but if ya’ll want me to do a post about specific tools let me know. 

The most attractive part of Ravelry for me is easily searchable database of patterns.

If you click on the Patterns button at the top left of the homepage, it takes you here.

I typically go straight to pattern browser & advanced search through the link under the search bar. 

The great part of this are the filters on the left. You can filter by category of clothing, if and how it’s in your notebook, by craft type, by it’s availability (like whether it’s free, downloadable, or purchased elsewhere), whether or not it has photos (because there are many self-published designers), by attributes such as shape, techniques, texture, and types of colorwork, by age, size, ease, fit, and gender, by weight of the yarn called for, by yardage required, by number of colors used, by pattern source, by needle size, by star rating, by difficulty, by origin of crochet terminology, and by language. There are many more search options after the main filters. 

So for example if I had exactly 700 yards of worsted eight yarn in two colors, and I knew I wanted to make a scarf, using bobbles and colorwork, I could search that. 

Not only that, but you can customize the filters to combine traits:

I could make my selections and hit advanced where I’ve circled in red and,

specify that I want merino, and cashmere, or silk, but not nylon. I still got 27 matches from that search, but that’s how big the database is. 

And the same goes for the yarn tab at the top left of the homepage next to patterns. You can search through pretty much every yarn available, from red heart to indie fiber artists, using similar characteristics to narrow it down.

I hope someone found this useful and if you’re a knitter or crocheter, it’s seriously worth a look. I’m not very active lately, but It’s where I go for inspiration if nothing else.  

Ravelry rocks!






A museum in Japan spends most of its day refusing entry to 2 cats trying to get in



@copperbadge found a tote bag for you…

Oh man I want it on a poster!

My favorite part is the little caption. Just to make it clear what’s going on. 😀

OK, but the Quechua word for cat is “michi”, so I’m giggling because the museum’s name is Onomichi.