I finally got around to giving Breath of the Wild a serious go today. I’d just gotten my pants enhanced by a fairy, so I was feeling pretty confident about my defensive prowess – and then a goblin one-shotted me with a garden rake.

Clearly I’ve got a long way to go.

“Modest”, you say?

Let me paint a picture for you:

I’m riding across a barren heath in the dead of night and the driving rain, illumined only by distant flashes of lightning.

As I crest the next hill, a hulking masked man stands, motionless, in the road before me.

I draw my horse to a stop.

Unspeaking, he draws his sword.

I dismount.

He raises his weapon in a gesture that’s both a salute to a fellow warrior and a promise of swift death.

He is immediately struck by lightning and killed instantly.

I pick up his sword and continue on my way.

Once I got my rubber armour set enhanced twice so I got the unshockable perk, riding around in thunderstorms with a metal weapon equipped and getting my enemies struck by lightning was one of my favourite things to do.