We Rated 5 Men Who Are Definitely Not Spock Wearing Hats

5. Now, this is the lowest on our list because this is really not a hat. But given that our average human man on the right wears this hood so well, there was no way we could leave him off this list. Hats off to you, fellow human. You are a normal human being in every way, except for the excellence with which you wear your hood.

4. This cap is not my style, but the beauty of fashion is being able to enjoy it on other people. I couldn’t tell you who the handsome gent on the left is but boy, do I wish I knew. I’d have a thing or two to say to him.

3. Fedoras have earned a bad reputation recently, but “Spocko” here might singlehandedly change our minds. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Spock—but this fedora is so charming that we might just forgive him.

2. Watch and learn. If you have unique ears to disguise, this is the perfect look for you. Worried about being found out as an alien? Don’t. This casual look will keep your identity safe. Of course, this individual has nothing to worry about. If he did have strange ears, they would be the result of an unfortunate accident he had as a child. But he doesn’t. This is not Spock.

1. Okay, fine. You caught me. All of these photos have been Spock in a hat. Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted? You’ve blown his cover, and for what? Oh look at you, you can recognise Spock. Yeah, whatever. You’re not special. But you know who is? Spock wearing this beanie.

Get out of here.

I need a bonus picture of definitely-not-Spock wearing a strip of bathrobe around his head.

I was thinking about your redesigns and the problems about making stuff accessible to aliens, and I was thinking what if the Federation has the ships built in ‘parts’ that get put together? like the bridge is a blank slate with spots for the consoles and you can put in the klingon vs bajoran vs benzite accessible consoles as the officers get hired. so if your vulcan navigator retires and a tellarite takes their place the console gets swapped out.




this is great! ships like models kits, with interchangeable pieces to fit the crew. there could be prefabricated pieces for quarters to, all made so that they suit a particular species but can fit into a designated space. 

For some species, their quarters are the only place where they can be entirely comfortable; every other part of the ship is, by necessity, a compromise between those species using it. the gravity is less than on Tellar but higher than Vulcan so both people must adapt. But for officers, the quarters can be their own customized home away from home. 

people can use the same consoles if their senses and appendages are mostly analogous. A Klingon could use and LCARS panel like a human, but they’d have a different colour scheme to fit their different range of the EM spectrum. An Elaysian on the other hand would need something radically different—the holotank used by Melora Pazlar aboard the USS Titan would do nicely! Probably nicer than for an inexplicably humanoid low-gravity species (i still headcanon they’re colonists, not an indigenous species.) Haptic hoods for Benzites who don’t have to see, panels for Bolians that support their posture, a system that responds to Andorians’ many claws; there is so much!

i realised, the word I was looking for was ‘modular’ – modular starfleet ships! My personal headcanon for canon starfleet though is that the reason we see mostly humanoids is that we’re on the ships built for humanoids.

Diane Duane’s Trek novels have some fantastic stuff with Starfleet ships built for non-humanoids, and humanoid-standard ships building modifications for when they’re temporarily hosting, e.g., a talking dolphin.




one spock

two spock

red spock

blue spock

glad spock

sad spock

old spock

new spock

hat spock

cat spock

head spock

dead spock

tie spock

high spock

alive spock

revived spock

all the spocks may come and go

but there’s one thing we’ll always know

no matter where or when you may be

spock is there

for you and me

live long and prosper

Nothing more needs be said. 🙂



“Away Mission” | by Paige Carpenter


In celebration of the new Star Trek film FINALLY coming out, here is every main character from every series of Star Trek with carefully hand drawn silhouette profiles of all the actors who played them!

This is available as a print and a tee shirt/hoodie on my Society6 shop.

Auggggggh, AUGGGGGGGGH, brilliant!

As someone who was a teenage girl when TNG came out, I mourn the lack of Wesley in that line.